We are transforming the journey of parenthood to inspire you to explore more with your little ones and see more of the world along with us.

Why oimmie

We believe the positive power of design to unlock more possibilities and freedom of the parenthood. Parents shouldn’t be weighed down by their everyday carry. Our ambition is to provide considered solutions that light up your journey with your little ones and focus on the things that you love. 

mum is carrying a bag. The picnic blanket was unpacked in a small pouch, hooked on the bag.

Balancing Design and Functionality

Driven by a functional approach to our craft, each ClicMat™ is built with thoughtful details to readily solve your daily frustrations and make each and every journey more enjoyable. Then with the minimalist design, we elevate our products to be functional yet stylish. Accessories for parents don’t have to be boring.

mum and 2 daughters are sitting on the picnic blanket, watching each other.

Our Commitment

We are designing for the future. Every detail, every material, and every choice made is based on what’s best for the kids and the environment. We’ve set out to grow responsibly, continuing to craft essentials that enhance the freedom and flexibility of parenthood, with minimal impact on the Earth.